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Keep Calm My Apron is On—Apron Review

I used to never wear aprons, and I thought I would never want to wear one. I have been baking more lately and wearing an apron would be nice. My clothes were becoming too messy from the flour and what not.

Keep Calm My Apron is On is a great apron.

80/20 polyester and cotton blend
Easy to wash. Put with dark colors and dry on low heat (I just stick mine in the dryer for a few minutes and then hang it on a hanger to finish drying)
Adjustable neck strap so everyone can have the perfect fit
There are 40″ straps so it will fit any adult
Long length
Functional pockets


I did receive this apron at a discount in exchange for my honest review. You can find this apron on here on Amazon.

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Cutielunch Reusable Food Pouches — Not Just for Toddlers

CutieLunch Food Pouch

I was given the opportunity to review these reusable food pouches in exchange for my honest review.  I was initially going to let my sis-in-law use them for my nephew, but then my teens and I decided to give them a try.

I bet you’re wondering what teens would want in these food pouches.  We decided to put smoothies in them.  We make a big batch, fill the pouches, and freeze.  These can then go into their lunches for a cool drink at lunch.  They get tired of always drinking water.  I can get some green veggies in their diet without them actually “eating” the green veggies.  Spinach and kale are my favorites to mix into smoothies.

You can find the reusable pouches here on Amazon.

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FlavFusion 25oz Infuser Water Bottle

Infuser Bottle

I have seen many friends talking about flavor-infused water that you can make yourself.  I am not a fan of making a huge pitcher of flavor-infused water because I like drinking different things throughout the day.  Plus, my family may not like the flavors I choose.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to review this infuser water bottle that I received in exchange for my honest opinion.

Easy to use
Easy to assemble
Easy to disassemble
Easy to wash

Cap has a locked and an unlocked feature

Infuser part does not go all the way down the bottle

I enjoy seeing what flavors I enjoy in my water.  This is perfect for summer to enjoy fruit-infused water.  I have tried strawberries and cucumbers (not together) in my water.  I want to try some fresh mint.  I believe that would be so refreshing in the summer heat.  I also like that the cap has a lock/unlock feature so you aren’t opening the cap if you want it closed.


Cap in unlocked position

Cap in unlocked position

Cap in locked position

Cap in locked position

All parts of the infuser bottle

All parts of the infuser bottle

If you would like to purchase this water bottle, you can find it here on Amazon.  This is not an affiliate link.  I do not get compensated for you clicking the link or if you buy the product.

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Dial Rewards Program


Dial has a rewards program that you can earn points by watching videos, answering surveys, and sharing with friends.  You can enter into sweepstakes and enter into instant win opportunities.  It is fun and so easy.  Right now, I have 3000 points in my account.  There is not a delay when the points hit your account.

I have a unique code you can enter when you join.  When you enter this code, you get 500 points just for signing up.

Check it out!  It is so quick and easy to join.

Enter the code L923F when you join.  Remember if you enter the code you get 500 points!

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Konjac Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sponge Review

I reviewed this product on Amazon. It is a favorite of my teen because it is bigger than ones we have tried in the past. I love how soft my face feels after using it for only a few days. I use it while in the shower and hand it up to dry. This is a must-have in your beauty product stash.


Right now you can buy this on Amazon for only $10.

I received this product to review; I was not compensated in any other way. Also, I do not have an affiliate link with Amazon.  I do not get compensated if you click on the link.  I do not get compensated if you purchase the product.

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Professional Grade, Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat

I received this product to review. All opinions are my own.

You can read my opinion here on Amazon. This is not an affiliate link; I do not get compensated in any way if you click on the link or if you buy the product.

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Sports Armband for iPhone 5/5s #Review

I received this product to review.  All opinions are my own.


Sports Armband for iPhone 5/5s

Sports Armband for iPhone 5/5s

I recently found the Health app on my iPhone 5.  I noticed that it would track my steps.  I think this is great so I don’t have to wear anything extra to track them.  Then I was always forgetting to make certain I had my phone with me whenever I was walking around.  At home, I usually set my phone down somewhere so I was missing out on a lot of steps.

I put my phone in the armband, and it fit perfectly.  There is a hole for earbuds to connect; I like this so I can listen to my music while I am cleaning.  I was wondering how comfortable the armband would be wearing it all day.  It is very comfortable!  I have no problem wearing it all day.  It is also comfortable when i go walking outside.

This armband is priced at $7.99 at the time I posted this blog.  This is a perfect price if you are looking for something like this.  It is almost time for Martha to start jogging, and I will be getting her one as well.  You can find it here on Amazon.

I do not have an Amazon affiliate link.  I do not get credit for you clicking on the link, and I do not receive any compensation if you purchase the product.

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Snuggle Fresh Spring Flowers Dryer Sheets

Did you know that Snuggle has a new scent?  The scent is Fresh Spring Flowers, and I was able to try the dryer sheets.

I love springtime for all the blooming flowers.  I love having that smell in my house.  I look for ways to use my dryer sheets other than the dryer.  I want this smell all over the house.

You can of course put dryer sheets in the dryer to have your clothes and such smelling fresh.  I love putting half a dryer sheet in my dresser drawers; I only put half because that is all I need.  I also put them in my linen closets.

Do you want to try the new Snuggle dryer sheets? I love mine!  Here is a coupon for fifty cents off.


I received this product free to review. All opinions are my own.

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Clear Shower Curtain Liner #Review


I received this product for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

I can always use a shower curtain liner. It seems like my liner is always getting torn especially where the shower rings attach.  No matter what we try with regular liners, this always happens.  With this shower curtain liner, it would take quite a bit of force (that I am not willing to try because I love this liner) to tear where the rings attach.  There are metal grommets at the top as well as extra reinforcement where the rings attach.  This is one of my favorite features of the liner.  The liner is clear just as it states.


The care instructions on the package say to take a damp sponge or cloth with soapy water (or antibacterial soap) once a month to wash down the liner.  You cannot put it in the washing machine; this is something I don’t like.  I like to be able to take it off the shower rod and put in the washing machine and wash on hot.

The shower curtain liner is 6 feet by 6 feet.  This is long enough for my tub.  I do not have a separate shower stall.  When you take the liner out of the package, there is a “plastic” smell.  I have had this with other liners.  As with the other liners, the smell quickly dissipates.  I no longer notice the plastic smell.

If you would like to purchase this shower curtain liner, you can find it on Amazon.  At the time of publication, the shower curtain liner costs $19.97.  My Amazon link is NOT an affiliate link.  I do not get paid for you clicking on the link or if you decide to purchase the shower curtain liner.

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Vegetarian Quick and Easy–Under 15 Minutes #Review #MyOwnVeggieWorld


Martha wants to be a vegetarian. I am fine with that except I have a concern when it comes to her getting enough protein in her diet. I would also love to try this adventure with her.

I have been searching for recipes that are easy and quick to make.  I can find a lot of recipes but not all are quick and easy.  Plus, trying to remember where I found the recipes is challenging at times.  I mean, I do have a Pinterest account.  The only problem with that is when I go to Pinterest to meal plan, I get sucked into the vortex and wind up in a time suck.  lol.  It is totally my fault, but it happens every single time.

This E-book is perfect for what I need.  I can open up the book on my Kindle and meal plan.  The only problem is that there are so many good recipes that I have a hard time deciding what I am going to make.

This book explains what a vegetarian is, the reasons to become a vegetarian, the benefits of being a vegetarian, and becoming vegetarian.  There is also a “chapter” on things to make it easier for this journey.  I love the simplicity of the “chapters” and the explanations it gives.  It is a quick and easy read.

Now to the recipes—there are so many recipes.  There is not a shortage of different things to make and try.  There are different sections for the recipes: Easy and Quick Recipes for Busy Moms, Quick and Easy Recipes for Romantic Meals, Quick and Easy Recipes that Even Kids Can Make, and Easy and Quick Recipes for Parties.  You can see there is an overlying theme to the recipes–quick and easy.  I love these types of recipes.  We are always on the go, and our plans can change on a moment’s notice.

There is one thing that I wish the book had.  I wish it had nutritional information available for each recipe.  But given the amount of recipes (I counted 100), that is okay.


*I received this e-book to review.  I received no other compensation.  All opinions are my own.*

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