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Sports Armband for iPhone 5/5s #Review

on June 11, 2015

I received this product to review.  All opinions are my own.


Sports Armband for iPhone 5/5s

Sports Armband for iPhone 5/5s

I recently found the Health app on my iPhone 5.  I noticed that it would track my steps.  I think this is great so I don’t have to wear anything extra to track them.  Then I was always forgetting to make certain I had my phone with me whenever I was walking around.  At home, I usually set my phone down somewhere so I was missing out on a lot of steps.

I put my phone in the armband, and it fit perfectly.  There is a hole for earbuds to connect; I like this so I can listen to my music while I am cleaning.  I was wondering how comfortable the armband would be wearing it all day.  It is very comfortable!  I have no problem wearing it all day.  It is also comfortable when i go walking outside.

This armband is priced at $7.99 at the time I posted this blog.  This is a perfect price if you are looking for something like this.  It is almost time for Martha to start jogging, and I will be getting her one as well.  You can find it here on Amazon.

I do not have an Amazon affiliate link.  I do not get credit for you clicking on the link, and I do not receive any compensation if you purchase the product.


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