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Clear Shower Curtain Liner #Review

on April 29, 2015


I received this product for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

I can always use a shower curtain liner. It seems like my liner is always getting torn especially where the shower rings attach.  No matter what we try with regular liners, this always happens.  With this shower curtain liner, it would take quite a bit of force (that I am not willing to try because I love this liner) to tear where the rings attach.  There are metal grommets at the top as well as extra reinforcement where the rings attach.  This is one of my favorite features of the liner.  The liner is clear just as it states.


The care instructions on the package say to take a damp sponge or cloth with soapy water (or antibacterial soap) once a month to wash down the liner.  You cannot put it in the washing machine; this is something I don’t like.  I like to be able to take it off the shower rod and put in the washing machine and wash on hot.

The shower curtain liner is 6 feet by 6 feet.  This is long enough for my tub.  I do not have a separate shower stall.  When you take the liner out of the package, there is a “plastic” smell.  I have had this with other liners.  As with the other liners, the smell quickly dissipates.  I no longer notice the plastic smell.

If you would like to purchase this shower curtain liner, you can find it on Amazon.  At the time of publication, the shower curtain liner costs $19.97.  My Amazon link is NOT an affiliate link.  I do not get paid for you clicking on the link or if you decide to purchase the shower curtain liner.


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