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E-Book Green Smoothies: The Weight Loss and Detox Secret #MyOwnVeggieWorld

on April 3, 2015


I received a Kindle copy of this E-book for review purposes. I was not compensated in any other way.

I like the way the book is set up with its chapters. It explains green smoothies and talks about the benefits to drinking green smoothies. There is a chapter titled “Green Smoothies-The Healthiest Weight Loss Program.” I did not focus too much on this chapter. I do like how simple the book is to understand. It is a quick read. There are a lot of smoothie recipes in the book. I did not count how many recipes, but the front of the book says there are more than fifty recipes. That is a lot of recipes!

I do like the recipes that I have tried. There is nutritional information available for each recipe. My teen and I love this. Martha loves to make green smoothies and likes to see the nutritional information. I have tried at least 5 recipes, and Martha has tried more. We plan on drinking more smoothies this summer when we can get fresh fruits and vegetables.

I like having this E-book as a quick reference when I want a smoothie.

A Kindle version of the book is available for $2.99 at the time this post was written. You can find it on Amazon.  (This is not an affiliate link.  I do not get compensated in any way if you click on the link or if you purchase the book.)


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