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Beard Oil #Review #RealMenDoBeards

on March 6, 2015

*Sigh* My hubby has a beard and is determined to let it get long. It was wiry and all over the place. He was not pleased with this. He has tried Beard Oil and uses it at least twice a week. He admits he would get better results using it daily (as the directions say), but he is not a morning person so he forgets. He loves this beard oil and recommends it to those with beards. His beard has never felt as soft as this before.

You can buy Beard Oil on Amazon.  At the time of publication, Beard Oil has a sale price of $14.99.  This is an excellent price for how much is in the bottle.  The bottle contains 60mL or 2 fluid ounces of product.

I received this bottle of Beard Oil to review.  I did not receive any other compensation.  All opinions are my own (or in this case my husband’s opinion).  I do not receive any compensation if you click on the Amazon link; I also do not receive nay compensation if you buy the product.


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