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Art for Home — Fulcrum Gallery #Review

on September 15, 2014

*I received an item from Fulcrum Gallery to review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions are my own.

I have been wanting a new piece of art to hang in my entryway.  You can see this area as soon as you walk in the door and if the front door is open.  I have looked at different places while I was out shopping.  I had no idea what I wanted so I thought there was no point in searching while on the internet.

I was contacted by Fulcrum Gallery to review a piece of their art.  You can search by style, subject, room, and artists.  You can narrow your search by size, shape, and color.  Once you pick out the piece you want to buy, you choose if you only want the art print or if you want it framed or on canvas.  You have three choices to choose from for framing: black frame, silver frame, or gold frame.  All the prices are on the page once you select the artwork you want. You can also customize the print; I am not certain about this feature as I did not customize the print I chose.

When I started out searching on the website, I was a little overwhelmed at first.  I believe this was due to me having absolutely no idea what I wanted.  Once I decided I wanted word art, it became easier.  I chose “Our Family Rules” by Marla Rae on canvas.


I received an email that my order was placed and another email notifying me that my art has shipped.  I also received the tracking information.  The communication from the company is great!

I admit I was nervous with getting a print on canvas shipped.  I was afraid something would happen to it.  The art was packaged well.  I had planned on taking a picture of the packaging, but my teen and tween couldn’t wait to open it.  Nothing was damaged, and the print was ready to hand on the wall as soon as it was out of the packaging.  I would not hesitate to order something else from them and have it framed.

  • Pro : many art prints to chose
  • Pro : different finishing options available that you may not have available if you go to a retail store to purchase art
  • Pro : reasonable prices and sales
  • Pro : excellent communication
  • Pro : everything is done in-house
  • Pro : sturdy framing

I cannot think of any cons about Fulcrum Gallery.  I absolutely love them!

This is the print I received from Fulcrum Gallery to review.

This is the print I received from Fulcrum Gallery to review.

Canvas print

Canvas print

I hope you fall in love with Fulcrum Gallery and the different options available like I did.  Let me know if you visit Fulcrum and if you love them like I do.


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