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Scentsy Review

on August 22, 2013

I have heard people rave and rave about Scentsy for a while now. I thought it was no big deal and bought some knock-off scent bars for my house. I was not impressed with them. The scent did not last long at all–3 days max. Sure they weren’t pricey but once you start adding up how many you need to keep your home smelling wonderful, it starts getting pricey.

I found a wonderful Scentsy consultant online and offered to do a review here on my blog. She took me up on my offer. The communication from her is wonderful! I was impressed right away. I let her know what scent I wanted and she informed me when the product was being shipped.

The candle warmer and scent bar were in perfect shape when i received them. I opened up the scent bar packaging, and the smell of lemon and berries filled the area where I was sitting. I couldn’t wait to use it, but I did have to wait as our electricity was out from a summer storm.

The wait gave me more time to think about where I wanted to put the warmer–my bedroom, my bathroom, the kitchen, the living room, or Tink and Martha’s bathroom. I decided on the girls’ bathroom. The girls each have a litter box in their room so sometimes the hallway can smell like cats.

I put the warmer together (super, super easy) and placed a cube of Lemon and Berries into it. I noticed right as it started melting that the smell was wonderful. As time passed, the smell started entering the hallway covering up the cat smell. Some knock-off candle bars just mixed with the cat smell, and it wasn’t pleasant. The Scentsy product does not do that. It totally covers up the smell. I also put the warmer in my kitchen. Wonderful!

I am more than impressed with Scentsy products and will no longer buy knockoffs. Scentsy bars are only $5 and last longer.  They may seem more expensive at first (as I have heard “Scentsy is expensive” from some of my firiends), but it isn’t once you factor in hte length of time the scent lasts.  Honestly, I was paying $2.50 for knockoffs so another $2.50 isn’t a huge jump.

I have to say that I am even more impressed my Scentsy consultant, Jamie. Any time I want to place an order, it will be through her. She is so friendly and is quick to answer emails. You can like Jamie’s Facebook page or visit her web page .


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