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Grocery shopping? Not this week

I have decided not to go grocery shopping this week.  We have food in our refrigerator, pantry, and freezer.  I am going to use what we have.  This will be a challenge for me as I am a person that likes to plan my meals ahead of time and follow a recipe.  The only things I think of that do not require a recipe (for me) are tacos, spaghetti, and grilled chicken.  

No spaghetti sauce is in the pantry so I can’t do that, and I don’t have all the ingredients to make my own sauce.  I do have everything for tacos and grilled chicken.  Since my family will revolt if we have tacos and grilled chicken all week, I will be using my imagination when it comes to cooking dinner.  

I hope you follow my journey this week as I think up things to cook for dinner.  I am hoping Martha helps me since she loves making up new dishes.  I think she will, but then again, she has been wanting me to step out of my box.  

We shall see how the week goes!

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Four Year Journey

Four years ago my daughter, Tink,  was diagnosed with a childhood epilepsy.  We have tried several times to wean her off her medicine only to have to start it again.

Tink has been off her medication for 6 weeks so her neurologist ordered an EEG.  The test was completed yesterday.  I had mixed feelings; I was hopeful yet I was afraid to be too hopeful because I didn’t want to come crashing down when it showed seizure activity.  I knew whether it showed seizure activity or not, my family would deal with this together.

Usually it takes 2-3 days to hear about the report.  I thought it would be Monday before I heard anything especially since her neurologist was going to compare the EEG to her previous EEGs (her last EEG was in Oct. 2009).  I was surprised when I received an email yesterday afternoon that tests results were available online.  

I checked the report by myself and to my amazement, her EEG show no seizure activity.  My husband was’t home so I told him over the phone.  I told Martha and Tink together as I was fighting back the tears of joy.  Tink immediately started sobbing and Martha hugged her as tight as she could.  I was a proud momma to see my teenager holding on to the tween.  The tears flowed from all of us.  

We made calls and sent texts to all of our loved ones.  We are still processing this new information.  I woke up this morning and read the report online again to make certain it said the same thing.  It did.

Things will not change.  We will still take the same precautions and have the seizure monitor on her bed.  Tink is supposed to outgrow this type of epilepsy; this will happen when she is seizure-free for two years and has a normal EEG.  We just took a step forward.  I never thought of a seizure as a step backward; it was just staying in the same place.  If she has another seizure, she can handle it with even more confidence than before; she has an end in sight.  It may come sooner, or it may come later; she knows “normal” can happen.

Our journey with epilepsy is not over; I say “our” because my family is in this as much as Tink.  We may not be experiencing it the way she is, but we are right by her side.  Even when Tink outgrows this, I will still continue to support and promote epilepsy awareness.  

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