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Can I really win?

on March 4, 2013

I have been blog hopping for several weeks now.  I have seen contests, contests, and more contests.  I was wondering if I could really win.  I entered quite a few for myself, my immediate family, and for a little one that is on the way for a family member.  Some of the contests had quite a few entries and some had low entries.  My family laughed at me saying I wouldn’t win anything.  I thought it couldn’t hurt to try, right?

I have won some contests.  I have won 2 coupons for Purex Baby Crystals that I plan on giving to someone in need.  I won a coupon for  a free 6-pack of Zevia soda which I have been wanting to try but was afraid of the price for it.  I even won a coupon for a free box of Honey Bunches of Oats Tropical Blends.  These are all great things to win.  It is a way to try new products without having to pay any money.  (I always worry we won’t like something.)  I have also won a month of personal training online.  I can’t wait to get going with this one.

My favorite thing I have won is a hooded towel set from

company name
I was able to go to her Etsy shop and pick the hooded towel set I wanted.  Martha, Tink, and I chose something we thought the little man-to-be would like.  I sent Rebecca my  choice along with my mailing address.  I immediately received an email with the tracking information saying the package would be in the mail the next day (it was the evening when I did this).  Two days later I received the package.  Upon opening the box, this is what I saw inside

packaged with love

I was impressed by the packaging.  The first thing I thought of was that Rebecca made this and packaged it with love.  I didn’t even know she had that printed on her business card.  I truly felt special, and I know our little man will feel that way once he is here.  In fact, I texted his mom a picture and she said “He will be so warm after his bath.”  The girls and I love it!

I did undo the lovely ribbon so I could look at the hooded towel and washcloth.  They are so soft.  The inside of the hood is extra soft.  The towel is enormous so it can be used for a long, long time.  Before the set arrived I was wondering if mom-to-be would have to put it in a safe place until little man was bigger since it is a “regular” towel.  I am wrong in thinking that.  This towel is uber-soft and so is the washcloth.  Mom will not have to worry about it not being soft enough for her little one.


I will soon be ordering Martha and Tink one of their own.  They are in love with them, and it is something they can use.

I hope you visit Rebecca’s Etsy shop at  She has other items available for little ones.

You can win from contests online.  I am enjoying the things I have won.  I am hoping to win even more so I can try new things.  Don’t be afraid to enter.  Every contest is different as to what is required to enter.  I have not received any spam email from entering contests.  I will continue to enter and hopefully continue to win.

*I won the bath set from a contest I entered online.  This review is my own opinion, and I did not receive compensation for it.


3 responses to “Can I really win?

  1. I really like entering blog giveaways. I visit a lot of blogs and if they have a giveaway… I enter. I have won some really nice stuff. And since you have a blog, you will be able to do giveaways yourself. In fact… if you use stevia, get in touch with me. I kind of find bloggers for the NuNaturals brand stevia. I have been doing reviews for them for many years.

  2. Adrianne B says:

    I love winning…since September of 2013, I have won over 100 contests, blog giveaways, raffles, and drawings. People want to know what my secret is- I JUST ENTER! You can’t win if you don’t enter, and you have better odds to win a low-entry contest. Check out the Airplanes & Dragonflies & the Tightwad In Utah low entry lists. And thanks for entering my first giveaway at Joanie Loves Tchotchkes!

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