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Influenster Review

on October 16, 2012

I forget how I stumbled upon  I remember coming across several tweets about VoxBox and was curious as to what it was.  I started by following Influenster on Twitter and noticed something about FREE products.  Of course I was interested.  Who wouldn’t be interested in receiving free products to try?

I went to their website and requested an invite.  I was thinking I could sign up for all these free products and be done with it.  Once I entered the site, I was amazed.  There are reviews of all kinds of products and places where you can ask and answer questions.  I have spent quite a bit of time on the site.  I have looked at reviews and answered questions.

I forgot all about the free products once I started navigating around the site (which is quite easy to do).  I love having a site to go to reviews that is not affiliated with a certain brand or store.  These reviews are written by people like you and me.

I received an email a few days after becoming an active member on their site requesting that I fill out a questionnaire to see if I am eligible for a Beauty Blogger VoxBox ’12 program.  I filled it out and anxiously awaited the answer.  I was thinking I would not qualify based on the fact that my blog has not really started.  Guess what???  I was chosen!  In a few days I will be receiving my VoxBox courtesy of Influenster.

Stay tuned to see what is in my box and what I think of the items in there.

Ready or not I am joining the blogger world.


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